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Stop Suffering from Sleep Disorders and Visit Our Sleep Clinic Today

At City Sleep Lab in Renton, Washington, we are dedicated to researching and finding cures for sleep apnea and other sleep disorders in Everett. If you choose to participate in our studies you will be set up in a comfortable hotel-like room at our sleep clinic. Not only would you be helping yourself, but thousands, perhaps even millions of other people who suffer from sleep disorders and could benefit from our research.


Set up an initial consultation with one our doctors and we will determine if you need a sleep study. If you do, you go to one of our in-home-like rooms and sleep while you are hooked up to equipment that will monitor you. Results are normally back within one week. If it is found that you have sleep apnea, you may go back for treatment. There are a few different options available.

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Treatment Options

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

When you sleep, the muscles relax and become gelatinous and block the passageway. CPAP therapy measures the air it will take to move the muscles so your brain can get the oxygen it needs.


We can cut some tissues in the necessary areas to eliminate crowding and provide a wider opening for air to pass through.

Oral Appliances

Mouth guards can help with re-adjustments of your jaw. These are made by a dentist and worn at night